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released December 10, 2016

Executive Producers:
Richard Ramos
Written by Rick Haze
Recorded and Produced by Voodoo
Track 3 produced by Lucidxty
Track 7 produced by Swamburger
Engineered by Luke Roswell and Ian Gagnon
Artwork & Layout : Roots Creative



all rights reserved


Rick Haze Orlando, Florida

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Track Name: Underdog (feat. Rashad)
drum breaks up on that mpc
if you ask another nigga he won’t vouch for me
if you ask another nigga he say probably
but i aint stopping till its nbc an bet
i been working murkin
i been working so damn hard i feel like i hit perfect
but i aint perfect, theres struggle underneath this surface
days of feeling worthless holding on to find my purpose, damn I’m nervous
I’m steady working till my idols are my rivals
kendrick took that title an jcole done wrote that bible
im feeling like I’m pacs disciple
if this aint poetry i guess I’m stuck I’m stuck in idle
yeah this that underdogg flow,
when they ain nothing else to give you see how underdoggs go
where do i go?
its all a matter of perspective tryna make the right moves in an industry thats subjective its crazy

I don't take no days off
When will my work pay off?
Its crazy, spending al my energy to fight all my enemies off
So tell me where I need to go

my life is keeping pride when no one else is feeling me
I Been feeling anxious since the death of billy V
i been feeling anxious since my wife was cheating me
feel my pain feel my hurt this shit aint beatin me
I wonder if ill make man this shits been eating me
big stages, new faces a million streaming me
yeah make me feel like I have OCD
perfectionist in this game but Im all over like ODB
yeah i think its time for some change
cus circumstances make you think different and fans say you change its strange
what do you do when you been contemplating quitting nothing hitting they say get a job you getting older time is ticking
huh, I hope this rapping make do
waiting for que i hope i dont bite more than i chew, its true
ok, dont let this life pass you by
I hope that dream of yours dont ever die, yeah

Track Name: Best Friend
i sit inside this empty room and I’m just look back
tryna jot these lyrics down and keep my head in tact
in fact, as I reflect I try and see what lacked
but all I see is her smile before it faded black
I met her in the military man the life was sweet
thinking about her every day working the burning heat
she was my girl I was her man we was just living life
till the day that I asked her to be my loving wife and
everything was right and day and night we love and fight
its hard to explain but for her i woulda paid the biggest price
our relationship grew yo she became my world
all we needed was the love not no diamond pearl
and then one day she hit me with them news I’m seeing swirls
that she pregnant and we welcoming a baby girl.
i know this story sound cliche and its all cool
but now I’m in this empty room if you only knew…..

everything was nice/everything was right
but over time i noticed dark in midst of her light.
and even though i didn’t really know what was in store
she supported me and told me to dip out on tour
california vegas, man I was rocking stages,
all these different faces in and out of different places
but i can feel that when i called her she was acting different
i can feel her distance , there was something missing
i got back she barely kiss me, i could tell the difference
i got suspicious started digging man i started fishing
this where my story switches , man fuck this reminiscing
I found some email from this hotel that she had been hitting
I couldn’t fathom couldn’t think my heart it started sinking
you cannot imagine all the million things that I was thinking
saw her phone and found a picture I can’t understand a fuckin picture
of my wife my daughter and another man

I was tryna raise a kid while she was swallowing his
i was tryna keep us tight while he was following him
I almost killed myself that shit was rough, yo it was tough
but when I look up in my daughters eyes theres only love
she picked me up, and broke me from her mothers lust
now I look at life questioning above /like what the fuck
now I ride inside my benz as I die slowly
living in this world of sin man its all lonely
nothing but an empty bed and broken dream
if you aint talking cream then dont you fuckin come around me
I’m feeling dark, like i lost that human spark
I hate this bitch like I hated her from the start
Track Name: Word Vomit
You can have him to your mother fuckin self
playing all these games with ya bad for my health
like woo i been focus on the wealth i been playing full court while you been focus on your self
like woo life is fuckin crazy cus the best and worst thing you ever did was have my baby
killimunitati this poetry
im jus speaking for the people who had issues with the loyalty
i made this beat by myself, upstairs
in the heat all by myself
yea i been crying by myself , getting by by myself so i dont need nobody help
the things you did when I trusted
fucked up, even voodoo was disgusted
i always wonder whats going through yo head are you every guilty, do you ever feel filthy
when the sheets is all silky and he tell u take this shit, now you all milky
hahaha thats a funny one
you looking glaze like a hunny bun
ughhhh man the thought all make you throw up
hard lesson boy i gotta grow up

DO you ever feel real
I just wanna know the deal
lately life has been crazy
i been steady tryna heal
get out my face before I say some shit I should not ever said
get out my face before I say some shit make you wish you was dead
is all worth it
life is not perfect

I never had a chance to spit it to yo mom
back and forth i4 running marathons
fucked up, yeah she help you classify it
you were fuckin on her bed, still she helped you justify it
I must be the clown, I’m the stupid idiot who running round the town
to build a life we never had
its working kinda funny cus that life you’ll never have
miss calls from ex and my new bitch
i done moved on to some new shit
nothing that i said is new shit
everyone in this situation is losing
if funny cus for love we tolerate abusing
so everyone is losing
i swear I feel my heart oozing
thinking bout my daughter man i gotta get this moving
but i wish you all the best in this test we call life y’all got tough times ahead
Track Name: Predictable (feat. Rashad)
Everything is so predictable its like Im calling shit before it ever happen
last year was like my worst year my pops called way back you can’t imagine
it took me a minute catch it but soon as it happen i didn’t dish out a reaction
i jus reacted in silence and got me a better chick to switch up my attraction
ok that shit was so predicable
it was so fuckin predictable n
get some fake titties to get some attention i see it, to me its so typical
but all that attention was digital
now you just stuck looking pitiful
just wait till i handle my money like really you haven’t seen half of my pinnacle
Ok I see what she doing now
protecting herself is the way to go
the more that i talk is the more that she walk
and i get it i know this the way it go
ok so you got a posse
and of y’all saying I’m cocky
im jus like pauly from goodfellas dont have to move for nobody
man that shit was so predicable
it was so fuckin predictable
fronting like you got so much going on but your lifestyle is mythical
you better be watching your language if i ever holler its strictly conditional
How could i leave it so wrong is the question i guess i just aint that predictable

(verse 2)
living this life that i live its like i gotta always watch out for a valley of snakes
kill or be killed, i just stay real reign supreme thru a valley of fakes
man this shit is so predictable
it is so fuckin predictable
i jus be hearing em talking and gossip and gossip its all so political
they feed me critique everyday of the week and they give me the runaround
pussy is pussy and business is business that life is a battleground
see me downtown gimme daps and say yo homie ima hit you up
i know its bullshit, this same dude ill be same one who all stick you up,
i seen it,
thats why i stick to my circle
they know by a look nothin verbal
life is nothing but rehearsal
everything that I’m speaking is rehearsal
they told me yo ricky you changed
what y’all expect me do wasn’t stayin the same
making my music this isn’t a game I’m jus writing thru all my pain
i dont be dressing or talking or fit in the stereo type thats predictable
say what you want put a label on me you dont know my steez i stay individual
ok i got some attention dont act like you ever considered me
i know what you said i dont heard it before but theres no one to mirror me
Track Name: The Grind
We live in hard times, its a hard grind
and im fronting like I’m all fine
with out a dollar to my name
and everybody is the same with they ways
its the same story, same hoes on replay yo
I write the illest shit and still not blow
I can pour my heart on from this pen and still not flow
Im living life in a sin, you dont know where I been
mentally the ganja get to me the same with the gin
and its a struggle everyday tryna reach to the top
hanging round these fuckin dum dumb who say I aint hot
they rollin thru my spot, wit a 3 pack of marijuana
nothin else rhymes fuck it dolce and gabbana
and nowadays everybody rap on a track
they want the green room party but its the hustle they lack
wasting rhymes on my motha fuckin dime I aint got no fuckin time
hella irrelevant when they come and I’m just tryna shine
I dont need opinions, I dont need em
i gotta lot on my plate, and i dont have no time to feed em
yo poppa told me that I was blessed out
walking with my chest out
but ever since the plug took my brother I been stressed out
hated on and left out
sittin all depessed out
im spittin all my best out
I couldn’t tell you where my head has been
where does my story begin full circle when it ends

my heart is cold but i feel inspired
freezer burn in this bitch ey come and take me higher
ariana grande is my only desire
maybe a threesome with kate beckinsale that shit would be fire
im living live through a different picture
i been fuckin striking out whenever my lips hit the liquor
shit my homies rolling up the swishers
fuck it, go head and fill me up a pitcher
I’m distracted, can’t even pay my taxes
my momma says I’m lacking , I feel like quitting rapping
its a dirty game, and this life just aint the same
cus I’m searching for that money and the fame
I’m just tryna keep my flame, I’m just tryna get my name out,
music getting played out
family pictures but I’m the one who getting framed out
its still winter on the coldest block
i still get up every morning on the same spot
just my beat machine and me, I’m just in it for the cream, I’m just in it for my team.
I’m getting rained out
just another puerto rican with a dream
hold this shit together like when the ball meets the seam

feel my vibe cus I’m nervous
the voodoo man lurks but you can’t reach him from the surface
its a fuckin circus tryna find my purpose
its crazy all the things you can change with some verses man these bad ass bitches flirting
kofax flights, sold out nights
hard rock live, i grab the mic embrace that sight
understand, when them fans throw them hands you the man
grammy nominations, rocking brands out from france
ill stay the same thru it all couple plaques up on the wall
and its a cold world, I took a fall before i balled
dont be a bitch nigga, be a rich nigga
t bone steak, calamari, making 7 figures
hol up, I just want some money for my daughter
hol up, her momma say that Im a bad father
hol up, the life I live is crazy Im in a state of panic feelin like I’m turning to a fuckin schizophrenic
I swear on everything I’m lost my mind
im falling but I can’t turn back I’m bout the grind

its a daily grind, a daily money, my time, aint it funny
everyday struggles fade away when you the illest in the land, understand
Track Name: Haddonfield
At night I can’t sleep, like Im going crazy,
caved in my room, man lady acting shady.
im sweating and I’m paranoid,
heart racing veins popping throbbing like I’m on steroids.
every minute look over my shoulder
but theres no one there and I can feel it getting colder
I can tell that Im reaching my limit, this revolver to my head but see I’m the one who did it.
I’m feeling like this rap shit is my last shot, drinking out the bottle , momma telling me to stop.
I see the voodoo man as he lurks, looking at him now while I write this verse,
before I know it he gon put me in that hearse
against all odds my vision pans, whats it worth
Some might say "take a chill, B"
But fuck that shit, there's a clown tryina to kill me

Mr. Sandman
Yo you aint ever been to Haddonfield cus you aint want it
Mr. Sandman
illest niggas arrive to come lurk in a world thats haunted

smooth flow as I creep low,
i need to go to haddonfield , see where these roots grow
I heard a story once about a man they called the shape,
roaming through the night, emotionless white face
I saw him walking down a back road
then I saw him in my backyard soon as I got home
Im posted up in the studio all alone
as of lately anxiety consumes my mental zone
sick and tired of thinking about my friend who died
sick and tired of thinking about my ex and how she lied
I saw the voodoo man under a street light
but when I looked twice wasn’t a person in sight
grippin a 9mm in a room silent
tripping out cus I’m not normally so violent
i been staring out of windows as of lately
its fucked up when your mind going crazy
Track Name: Empty Rooms

Yo, nobody give a fuck my nigga,
He owe me though. Where me though?
Naw he just went and stole. Money makes the world flow,
I get this paper for all these hoes. I sit in a room with some clothes and some dro.
my homies are in the other room doing blow, and girls blow
and blow college money for them to just throw, up good luck with that toilet
this party is flamboyant and I’m sitting disappointed, Kount Voodoos thoughts have joined in
no no no no
yo fuck little college sluts there has to be more to them,
it seems that all men look for is a little whore to get on all fours
and smoke dubious like little herbivores
seems to ignore the fake that theres infinite space we have yet to explore
but all we wanna do is have fun, and all the girls wanna have fun
so ima give you want yo party party party twerk it twerk it party party yo come on girl work it uh
nah, yo this shit just sound ridiculous, how the fuck did we get to this
abyss, enlist co exist, I lift everyone who comes in contact with shit that I spit from my lips I rinse my hands inflict damage, they sniff, they try to convince me to act my age I dip, but I put the liquor as I snicker. Heres the picture and heres the kicker, angels fall from the sky quicker Kount voodoo follows my every move slither begging me to squeeze this trigger

i know, fumes in this empty room, broken thoughts they consume,
thoughts from me to you, I know

I sit in this empty room tryna figure ways to reach you so if you listening cool, I flip nickels to you dude
just had a girl email me telling me I’m her inspiration I sent her an email back that thoroughly explained my sexual imagination
by the way I take back the college slut line from my last verse, you never know she might be one I gotta keep it diverse
I’m still a guy and still like sticking dicks up skirts so fuck you voodoo your shit won’t work
my generation since birth has been expose to media works, jerks, clerks and going fuckin berserk
ahhh shit im so marketable, sign me and give me perks, look at the way I mash nouns and verbs
whats your concern the way I dress Im puerto rican wanna bleach my skin first
fuck its inevitable its like I’m putting myself in a never ending hole
who got soul and goes when their at the bottom about to fold fucking student loans americas biggest troll
theres gold in the bowl but the rest is coal, I suggest you open your fucking eyes though, open your fucking eyes though
backpack full of thumbtacks I come to attack any of those people who lack inspiration Im not fucking complacent just adjacent to the earth and the stars, interpretation is the devastation and fuck y’all authentication theres no limitation to Rick Haze with voodoo, I’m just a kid who likes to ride like you do, I dont like the soft shit like bows and tutus I just dig that dope shit like pete rock and guru, for now I’m in this empty room dude….
Track Name: All of You (feat. Nix)
Im in yuh area, illa flows thatll bury ya
here to paint a vivid picture causing my hysteria
I live a crazy life man so penny for my thoughts
cus Im a piece of shit man Ill spit it to you raw

I use to live a life like civil people, but people evil
deceivin and tricking every angle like evil canieval
shit even my family was lethal
she injected poison like she stuck me with a needle

so yo back the fuck up, you dont know what I done been through
living every single day with negative up in you
I been true that was something I was into
but truth dont bring the money thats just something i done been knew

like now, I aint got no money in my pockets like wow
everyday I face defeat, and every single day I’m dangling my feet from the edge
i aint got a plate to eat, so I’m jus rhymin instead

I take a seat as write these lyrics
but every time I’m on the mic, I’m always losing spirit,
its struggle everyday thinking logically,
a cop fucked my wife life is nothing but hypocrisy

another day another struggle, these times is hard
sleeping on an air mattress, no money up on my card
an my car, that shit broke on me last week
can’t even pick my daughter up thats why I can’t sleep

I can’t speak, I’m on a fuckin losing streak, i feel the heat
can’t even buy my little girl clothing or food to eat
my heart is heavy, I can’t afford to eat healthy
I’m chewing dollar menu food i need to fill my belly

huh I feel like giving in
tryna climb but being pulled down by the world were living in
I’m on my way to court, for child support
man she the one who cheated but she tryna extort

she tryna take it by force, i need a record deal, I need divorce
tryna stay on track but I keep falling off course
damn every single day is filled with stress
feel like Im getting kicked in the chest like what the fuck is next, the kid
Track Name: Random Thoughts (feat. Rashad)
Verse 1:

these girls edit they instagram I just edit my life
thoughts from endin my life, now I’m in it for life
the stress in my life resembles a check engine light
but we gone be alright we working through the night
being different might be the only thing to make the difference
dismissing all the comments and deflecting ignorance
procrastination is a bitch gone put it to bed
saying you’ll do it later will be said until the dream is dead
life is a gift or a curse, this my best verse / girls go universities with no knowledge of the universe
no one said it would be easy they jus said it would be worth it
determination like ash ketchum man its all so perfect
you live and you learn you die and forget it all
all the big things you tripped on suddenly seem small
huh yea deepest silence is to listen
i stay silent to the loud ones who aint hearing out my vision wassap

Verse 2:

yeah crystal and charlotte were my main two back in the day
they rubbing elbows with the stars, charlotte talking to sway
im rubbin elbows at the bars, slowly pavin my way
thinking about the day I’m at the top and we gone say
go from the burn, either way you finna learn
sometimes its people in general who my main concern
and ima be the biggest fuckin ass hole, when I make it
not to any of my fans but to anybody who hated
drunk reconnections and compliments are always so risky
i guess i wasnt so social i wasnt really clicky
dont count the days, make the days count, make some changes
nowadays relationships are more like meme exchanges
yeah, you said gone and do you
now you getting mad cus i pull a you on you
you are the perfect example of the perfect crook
I never had a chance so music the chance i took
Track Name: One Pulse (feat. Julian Velez)

Yeah, Im a man no better no worse
i been victim to this curse and as i spit to this verse
im looking at my city burn as I see evil on this earth
in a kingdom built on magic in a place thats so diverse
man its crazy, they hate cus people love
the gravity of the tragedy jus made us all rise up
heros poppin on every corner make you think it was a comic
7 hours to give blood boy my city on it
gun control, radicalism spread through our technology
we dont have to kill each other we jus kill the ideology
yeah what this all worth
when the saddest thing happened on the happiest place on the earth
dont get it twisted these terrorist dont stand a chance
the more they attempt to spread fear the more we stand hand to hand,
ok in nation with different mixtures
I see us come together different colors to paint the picture

Its up to us to show them love
We stand together and rise above
Its our generation
We won’t stand for separation
It up to us to show them love


Yeah, I wrote this song for you
I wrote this song for the victims
Any one who’s feeling blue
for every person willing to take a stand to seek the truth
this our battle, our generation, all our youth
they win if we divided, misguided or undecided
if theres a separation any where lets go and tie it
I’m sure they all laughing well heres a message go indulge
cus we still standing i still hear my nations pulse
we gotta love not cliche but its gotta be mutual
im so proud to be from the city they call beautiful
so even as that man took a stand with a gun
the pulse in our eardrums make our hearts beat as one, we are one.