All of You (feat. Nix)

from by Rick Haze

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Im in yuh area, illa flows thatll bury ya
here to paint a vivid picture causing my hysteria
I live a crazy life man so penny for my thoughts
cus Im a piece of shit man Ill spit it to you raw

I use to live a life like civil people, but people evil
deceivin and tricking every angle like evil canieval
shit even my family was lethal
she injected poison like she stuck me with a needle

so yo back the fuck up, you dont know what I done been through
living every single day with negative up in you
I been true that was something I was into
but truth dont bring the money thats just something i done been knew

like now, I aint got no money in my pockets like wow
everyday I face defeat, and every single day I’m dangling my feet from the edge
i aint got a plate to eat, so I’m jus rhymin instead

I take a seat as write these lyrics
but every time I’m on the mic, I’m always losing spirit,
its struggle everyday thinking logically,
a cop fucked my wife life is nothing but hypocrisy

another day another struggle, these times is hard
sleeping on an air mattress, no money up on my card
an my car, that shit broke on me last week
can’t even pick my daughter up thats why I can’t sleep

I can’t speak, I’m on a fuckin losing streak, i feel the heat
can’t even buy my little girl clothing or food to eat
my heart is heavy, I can’t afford to eat healthy
I’m chewing dollar menu food i need to fill my belly

huh I feel like giving in
tryna climb but being pulled down by the world were living in
I’m on my way to court, for child support
man she the one who cheated but she tryna extort

she tryna take it by force, i need a record deal, I need divorce
tryna stay on track but I keep falling off course
damn every single day is filled with stress
feel like Im getting kicked in the chest like what the fuck is next, the kid


from Personal, released December 10, 2016



all rights reserved


Rick Haze Orlando, Florida

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