Best Friend

from by Rick Haze

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i sit inside this empty room and I’m just look back
tryna jot these lyrics down and keep my head in tact
in fact, as I reflect I try and see what lacked
but all I see is her smile before it faded black
I met her in the military man the life was sweet
thinking about her every day working the burning heat
she was my girl I was her man we was just living life
till the day that I asked her to be my loving wife and
everything was right and day and night we love and fight
its hard to explain but for her i woulda paid the biggest price
our relationship grew yo she became my world
all we needed was the love not no diamond pearl
and then one day she hit me with them news I’m seeing swirls
that she pregnant and we welcoming a baby girl.
i know this story sound cliche and its all cool
but now I’m in this empty room if you only knew…..

everything was nice/everything was right
but over time i noticed dark in midst of her light.
and even though i didn’t really know what was in store
she supported me and told me to dip out on tour
california vegas, man I was rocking stages,
all these different faces in and out of different places
but i can feel that when i called her she was acting different
i can feel her distance , there was something missing
i got back she barely kiss me, i could tell the difference
i got suspicious started digging man i started fishing
this where my story switches , man fuck this reminiscing
I found some email from this hotel that she had been hitting
I couldn’t fathom couldn’t think my heart it started sinking
you cannot imagine all the million things that I was thinking
saw her phone and found a picture I can’t understand a fuckin picture
of my wife my daughter and another man

I was tryna raise a kid while she was swallowing his
i was tryna keep us tight while he was following him
I almost killed myself that shit was rough, yo it was tough
but when I look up in my daughters eyes theres only love
she picked me up, and broke me from her mothers lust
now I look at life questioning above /like what the fuck
now I ride inside my benz as I die slowly
living in this world of sin man its all lonely
nothing but an empty bed and broken dream
if you aint talking cream then dont you fuckin come around me
I’m feeling dark, like i lost that human spark
I hate this bitch like I hated her from the start


from Personal, released December 10, 2016



all rights reserved


Rick Haze Orlando, Florida

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