Empty Rooms

from by Rick Haze

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Yo, nobody give a fuck my nigga,
He owe me though. Where me though?
Naw he just went and stole. Money makes the world flow,
I get this paper for all these hoes. I sit in a room with some clothes and some dro.
my homies are in the other room doing blow, and girls blow
and blow college money for them to just throw, up good luck with that toilet
this party is flamboyant and I’m sitting disappointed, Kount Voodoos thoughts have joined in
no no no no
yo fuck little college sluts there has to be more to them,
it seems that all men look for is a little whore to get on all fours
and smoke dubious like little herbivores
seems to ignore the fake that theres infinite space we have yet to explore
but all we wanna do is have fun, and all the girls wanna have fun
so ima give you want yo party party party twerk it twerk it party party yo come on girl work it uh
nah, yo this shit just sound ridiculous, how the fuck did we get to this
abyss, enlist co exist, I lift everyone who comes in contact with shit that I spit from my lips I rinse my hands inflict damage, they sniff, they try to convince me to act my age I dip, but I put the liquor as I snicker. Heres the picture and heres the kicker, angels fall from the sky quicker Kount voodoo follows my every move slither begging me to squeeze this trigger

i know, fumes in this empty room, broken thoughts they consume,
thoughts from me to you, I know

I sit in this empty room tryna figure ways to reach you so if you listening cool, I flip nickels to you dude
just had a girl email me telling me I’m her inspiration I sent her an email back that thoroughly explained my sexual imagination
by the way I take back the college slut line from my last verse, you never know she might be one I gotta keep it diverse
I’m still a guy and still like sticking dicks up skirts so fuck you voodoo your shit won’t work
my generation since birth has been expose to media works, jerks, clerks and going fuckin berserk
ahhh shit im so marketable, sign me and give me perks, look at the way I mash nouns and verbs
whats your concern the way I dress Im puerto rican wanna bleach my skin first
fuck its inevitable its like I’m putting myself in a never ending hole
who got soul and goes when their at the bottom about to fold fucking student loans americas biggest troll
theres gold in the bowl but the rest is coal, I suggest you open your fucking eyes though, open your fucking eyes though
backpack full of thumbtacks I come to attack any of those people who lack inspiration Im not fucking complacent just adjacent to the earth and the stars, interpretation is the devastation and fuck y’all authentication theres no limitation to Rick Haze with voodoo, I’m just a kid who likes to ride like you do, I dont like the soft shit like bows and tutus I just dig that dope shit like pete rock and guru, for now I’m in this empty room dude….


from Personal, released December 10, 2016



all rights reserved


Rick Haze Orlando, Florida

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