from by Rick Haze

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At night I can’t sleep, like Im going crazy,
caved in my room, man lady acting shady.
im sweating and I’m paranoid,
heart racing veins popping throbbing like I’m on steroids.
every minute look over my shoulder
but theres no one there and I can feel it getting colder
I can tell that Im reaching my limit, this revolver to my head but see I’m the one who did it.
I’m feeling like this rap shit is my last shot, drinking out the bottle , momma telling me to stop.
I see the voodoo man as he lurks, looking at him now while I write this verse,
before I know it he gon put me in that hearse
against all odds my vision pans, whats it worth
Some might say "take a chill, B"
But fuck that shit, there's a clown tryina to kill me

Mr. Sandman
Yo you aint ever been to Haddonfield cus you aint want it
Mr. Sandman
illest niggas arrive to come lurk in a world thats haunted

smooth flow as I creep low,
i need to go to haddonfield , see where these roots grow
I heard a story once about a man they called the shape,
roaming through the night, emotionless white face
I saw him walking down a back road
then I saw him in my backyard soon as I got home
Im posted up in the studio all alone
as of lately anxiety consumes my mental zone
sick and tired of thinking about my friend who died
sick and tired of thinking about my ex and how she lied
I saw the voodoo man under a street light
but when I looked twice wasn’t a person in sight
grippin a 9mm in a room silent
tripping out cus I’m not normally so violent
i been staring out of windows as of lately
its fucked up when your mind going crazy


from Personal, released December 10, 2016



all rights reserved


Rick Haze Orlando, Florida

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