Underdog (feat. Rashad)

from by Rick Haze

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drum breaks up on that mpc
if you ask another nigga he won’t vouch for me
if you ask another nigga he say probably
but i aint stopping till its nbc an bet
i been working murkin
i been working so damn hard i feel like i hit perfect
but i aint perfect, theres struggle underneath this surface
days of feeling worthless holding on to find my purpose, damn I’m nervous
I’m steady working till my idols are my rivals
kendrick took that title an jcole done wrote that bible
im feeling like I’m pacs disciple
if this aint poetry i guess I’m stuck I’m stuck in idle
yeah this that underdogg flow,
when they ain nothing else to give you see how underdoggs go
where do i go?
its all a matter of perspective tryna make the right moves in an industry thats subjective its crazy

I don't take no days off
When will my work pay off?
Its crazy, spending al my energy to fight all my enemies off
So tell me where I need to go

my life is keeping pride when no one else is feeling me
I Been feeling anxious since the death of billy V
i been feeling anxious since my wife was cheating me
feel my pain feel my hurt this shit aint beatin me
I wonder if ill make man this shits been eating me
big stages, new faces a million streaming me
yeah make me feel like I have OCD
perfectionist in this game but Im all over like ODB
yeah i think its time for some change
cus circumstances make you think different and fans say you change its strange
what do you do when you been contemplating quitting nothing hitting they say get a job you getting older time is ticking
huh, I hope this rapping make do
waiting for que i hope i dont bite more than i chew, its true
ok, dont let this life pass you by
I hope that dream of yours dont ever die, yeah



from Personal, released December 10, 2016



all rights reserved


Rick Haze Orlando, Florida

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