Word Vomit

from by Rick Haze

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You can have him to your mother fuckin self
playing all these games with ya bad for my health
like woo i been focus on the wealth i been playing full court while you been focus on your self
like woo life is fuckin crazy cus the best and worst thing you ever did was have my baby
killimunitati this poetry
im jus speaking for the people who had issues with the loyalty
i made this beat by myself, upstairs
in the heat all by myself
yea i been crying by myself , getting by by myself so i dont need nobody help
the things you did when I trusted
fucked up, even voodoo was disgusted
i always wonder whats going through yo head are you every guilty, do you ever feel filthy
when the sheets is all silky and he tell u take this shit, now you all milky
hahaha thats a funny one
you looking glaze like a hunny bun
ughhhh man the thought all make you throw up
hard lesson boy i gotta grow up

DO you ever feel real
I just wanna know the deal
lately life has been crazy
i been steady tryna heal
get out my face before I say some shit I should not ever said
get out my face before I say some shit make you wish you was dead
is all worth it
life is not perfect

I never had a chance to spit it to yo mom
back and forth i4 running marathons
fucked up, yeah she help you classify it
you were fuckin on her bed, still she helped you justify it
I must be the clown, I’m the stupid idiot who running round the town
to build a life we never had
its working kinda funny cus that life you’ll never have
miss calls from ex and my new bitch
i done moved on to some new shit
nothing that i said is new shit
everyone in this situation is losing
if funny cus for love we tolerate abusing
so everyone is losing
i swear I feel my heart oozing
thinking bout my daughter man i gotta get this moving
but i wish you all the best in this test we call life y’all got tough times ahead


from Personal, released December 10, 2016



all rights reserved


Rick Haze Orlando, Florida

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