Predictable (feat. Rashad)

from by Rick Haze

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Everything is so predictable its like Im calling shit before it ever happen
last year was like my worst year my pops called way back you can’t imagine
it took me a minute catch it but soon as it happen i didn’t dish out a reaction
i jus reacted in silence and got me a better chick to switch up my attraction
ok that shit was so predicable
it was so fuckin predictable n
get some fake titties to get some attention i see it, to me its so typical
but all that attention was digital
now you just stuck looking pitiful
just wait till i handle my money like really you haven’t seen half of my pinnacle
Ok I see what she doing now
protecting herself is the way to go
the more that i talk is the more that she walk
and i get it i know this the way it go
ok so you got a posse
and of y’all saying I’m cocky
im jus like pauly from goodfellas dont have to move for nobody
man that shit was so predicable
it was so fuckin predictable
fronting like you got so much going on but your lifestyle is mythical
you better be watching your language if i ever holler its strictly conditional
How could i leave it so wrong is the question i guess i just aint that predictable

(verse 2)
living this life that i live its like i gotta always watch out for a valley of snakes
kill or be killed, i just stay real reign supreme thru a valley of fakes
man this shit is so predictable
it is so fuckin predictable
i jus be hearing em talking and gossip and gossip its all so political
they feed me critique everyday of the week and they give me the runaround
pussy is pussy and business is business that life is a battleground
see me downtown gimme daps and say yo homie ima hit you up
i know its bullshit, this same dude ill be same one who all stick you up,
i seen it,
thats why i stick to my circle
they know by a look nothin verbal
life is nothing but rehearsal
everything that I’m speaking is rehearsal
they told me yo ricky you changed
what y’all expect me do wasn’t stayin the same
making my music this isn’t a game I’m jus writing thru all my pain
i dont be dressing or talking or fit in the stereo type thats predictable
say what you want put a label on me you dont know my steez i stay individual
ok i got some attention dont act like you ever considered me
i know what you said i dont heard it before but theres no one to mirror me


from Personal, released December 10, 2016



all rights reserved


Rick Haze Orlando, Florida

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