Random Thoughts (feat. Rashad)

from by Rick Haze

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Verse 1:

these girls edit they instagram I just edit my life
thoughts from endin my life, now I’m in it for life
the stress in my life resembles a check engine light
but we gone be alright we working through the night
being different might be the only thing to make the difference
dismissing all the comments and deflecting ignorance
procrastination is a bitch gone put it to bed
saying you’ll do it later will be said until the dream is dead
life is a gift or a curse, this my best verse / girls go universities with no knowledge of the universe
no one said it would be easy they jus said it would be worth it
determination like ash ketchum man its all so perfect
you live and you learn you die and forget it all
all the big things you tripped on suddenly seem small
huh yea deepest silence is to listen
i stay silent to the loud ones who aint hearing out my vision wassap

Verse 2:

yeah crystal and charlotte were my main two back in the day
they rubbing elbows with the stars, charlotte talking to sway
im rubbin elbows at the bars, slowly pavin my way
thinking about the day I’m at the top and we gone say
go from the burn, either way you finna learn
sometimes its people in general who my main concern
and ima be the biggest fuckin ass hole, when I make it
not to any of my fans but to anybody who hated
drunk reconnections and compliments are always so risky
i guess i wasnt so social i wasnt really clicky
dont count the days, make the days count, make some changes
nowadays relationships are more like meme exchanges
yeah, you said gone and do you
now you getting mad cus i pull a you on you
you are the perfect example of the perfect crook
I never had a chance so music the chance i took


from Personal, released December 10, 2016



all rights reserved


Rick Haze Orlando, Florida

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