The Grind

from by Rick Haze

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We live in hard times, its a hard grind
and im fronting like I’m all fine
with out a dollar to my name
and everybody is the same with they ways
its the same story, same hoes on replay yo
I write the illest shit and still not blow
I can pour my heart on from this pen and still not flow
Im living life in a sin, you dont know where I been
mentally the ganja get to me the same with the gin
and its a struggle everyday tryna reach to the top
hanging round these fuckin dum dumb who say I aint hot
they rollin thru my spot, wit a 3 pack of marijuana
nothin else rhymes fuck it dolce and gabbana
and nowadays everybody rap on a track
they want the green room party but its the hustle they lack
wasting rhymes on my motha fuckin dime I aint got no fuckin time
hella irrelevant when they come and I’m just tryna shine
I dont need opinions, I dont need em
i gotta lot on my plate, and i dont have no time to feed em
yo poppa told me that I was blessed out
walking with my chest out
but ever since the plug took my brother I been stressed out
hated on and left out
sittin all depessed out
im spittin all my best out
I couldn’t tell you where my head has been
where does my story begin full circle when it ends

my heart is cold but i feel inspired
freezer burn in this bitch ey come and take me higher
ariana grande is my only desire
maybe a threesome with kate beckinsale that shit would be fire
im living live through a different picture
i been fuckin striking out whenever my lips hit the liquor
shit my homies rolling up the swishers
fuck it, go head and fill me up a pitcher
I’m distracted, can’t even pay my taxes
my momma says I’m lacking , I feel like quitting rapping
its a dirty game, and this life just aint the same
cus I’m searching for that money and the fame
I’m just tryna keep my flame, I’m just tryna get my name out,
music getting played out
family pictures but I’m the one who getting framed out
its still winter on the coldest block
i still get up every morning on the same spot
just my beat machine and me, I’m just in it for the cream, I’m just in it for my team.
I’m getting rained out
just another puerto rican with a dream
hold this shit together like when the ball meets the seam

feel my vibe cus I’m nervous
the voodoo man lurks but you can’t reach him from the surface
its a fuckin circus tryna find my purpose
its crazy all the things you can change with some verses man these bad ass bitches flirting
kofax flights, sold out nights
hard rock live, i grab the mic embrace that sight
understand, when them fans throw them hands you the man
grammy nominations, rocking brands out from france
ill stay the same thru it all couple plaques up on the wall
and its a cold world, I took a fall before i balled
dont be a bitch nigga, be a rich nigga
t bone steak, calamari, making 7 figures
hol up, I just want some money for my daughter
hol up, her momma say that Im a bad father
hol up, the life I live is crazy Im in a state of panic feelin like I’m turning to a fuckin schizophrenic
I swear on everything I’m lost my mind
im falling but I can’t turn back I’m bout the grind

its a daily grind, a daily money, my time, aint it funny
everyday struggles fade away when you the illest in the land, understand


from Personal, released December 10, 2016



all rights reserved


Rick Haze Orlando, Florida

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